Remembering my Grandfather

Something that sticks out in my mind when I think about my grandfather is a habit he had while watching television. Every time he watched a show, he would mute the TV during the commercials. He did this religiously. He loved conversation He loved talking to his family and friends about anything going on in our lives. I think that however small this may seem, it is a good example that others can learn from. For every 45 minutes of entertainment, there was at least 15 minutes of good conversation. This helped to create a pretty strong family bond.

Another thing that comes to mind when I think about my grandfather is his humor. He had a love of laughter. Even if you didn’t know this man, his chuckle was very distinct and extremely contagious! Between him and my father, I have no doubt that they are where my love of laughter came from. The second to last conversation I ever had with him was full of laughter, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

My grandfather passed away this past Christmas. At his memorial, I wanted to speak, but I was quite emotional inwardly and was unable to get the words out. I got too see and speak to many family members whom I hadn’t seen in around 15 years. I expected it to be a dreary event, full of mourning, but it wasn’t. We celebrated his life! In a fashion I think he would approve, the day was full of laughter and fond memories. I even got to hear a story about a trip he took as a teen to California from a childhood friend of his. He said that my grandfather was a leader. Interesting concept; I had never looked at him that way. Looking back though; he certainly was a leader in life and in our family. He was well respected by all who had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be missed!