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Top 15% of ACT readers, 2002.

I write about tech, gaming, Gaelic sports, and travel. My day-to-day includes corporate communications, PR, community management, social media, and project management.

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Spencer, in the words of others:

“Spencer is a Swiss army knife of communications, and this does not water down his talent by one iota. He’s the person a young company dreams of finding, a mythic creature in multiple sectors. As such, the work he makes look so easy should not be taken for granted. Spencer is a jewel; if you have him on your team, take care of him. Every year he’s with you will count. Because if he ever sets out on his own, he’s going to put that multifaceted nature toward powering something quite significant.”
– Angela Natividad, Parisian writer, strategist, and founder.

“Spencer is insane – passion, expertise, proactivity, agility, an absolute gem, and a pleasure to work with. He was a superstar on the media team at G2, running social and community channels for web3 projects as well as handling copywriting for both web and editorial.”
– Sasha Alexandrov, Head of Media @ G2 Esports

“Available, responsive & proactive, Spencer is a true expert in social media especially for gaming & esports companies. His creativity & knowledge of the sector have brought a real added value to the content of the Esports BAR channels. He also knows how to manage live coverage of Esports BAR events, it was a pleasure to work with him in Cannes last October, you can 100% trust him. Always ready to help and to make the daily work smooth, this really makes him a great professional.”
– Mathilde Van Wynendaele, Marketing Manager Client @ RX France