Goals for 2013

I think that it is very important to set goals for yourself in life. I am not talking about new years resolutions either. If you need to wait for new years each year, then there is something wrong. Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the US make the new years resolution to get in shape. My own gym gets packed for the first 3-6 weeks of the year, then its back to normal. These people aren’t doing it for themselves. They are doing it because they feel that its what people do, right? Studies have shown that people who set goals and then go on to talk about it to other people are less likely to see these goals through. The amount of recognition they receive is just enough to make them feel like they have already accomplished something.

I personally try to set monthly goals as well as my yearly goals. I do it for myself! My list usually consists of ways I can improve myself, or ways in which I can better enjoy life. I find that physically writing these goals down has always helped me stick to the ones I think are important. I also keep the list close, as seeing it on a daily basis allows me to better focus on those goals. This is my current list of goals for 2013:

2013 Goals

This year, do yourself a favor and set some goals! Write them down! Keep that piece of paper to reflect on and stay accountable to yourself! Remember that these are things that YOU want to do. Work towards them; you can totally do it!