How I Accidently Quit My Job

For the last few months, I have been planning my exodus from the US. Okay; in all honesty I started planning it about a week after stepping back on US soil back in early 2012. Unfortunately, I hit some kinks in the road and had to cancel my original plans to teach English in Korea. That small detour led to another, and another, and left me wondering if I would ever “get out.” Fast forward to August 2013; I made the decision to move to Colombia for at least three months. I did not set a timeline for departure right away, but I began saving money immediately! Near the end of December, I decided that March-April would be a good jumping point to finally go. It would allow me enough time to save a little bit for my trip. The last few weeks have involved a lot of planning and organizing. Selling some of my excess belongings as well as picking up some new items that will make my traveling more simple. One of those items is an iPad Mini. I uploaded some PDFs and ebooks to it and basically have taken it with me wherever I’ve gone for the past week. I think I’m addicted. xD I was at work with some extra downtime, so I pulled out my iPad and started reading one of those PDFs. My manager noticed my new piece of technology and asked me about it. I handed it to him and he started testing it out for himself. He asked me if I had sold my laptop in order to purchase the iPad. I explained that it would be perfect for my trip. He countered, “What trip?” In that second, I knew that I had spilled the beans.

The guys at work can be an intimidating bunch. (My manager - far left)

The guys at work can be an intimidating bunch. (My manager – far left)

I told him about the trip I was planning and explained that I would be resigning near the end of March. He was surprisingly understanding and seemed excited for me when I explained my trip to him. Any worries that I may have had about resigning had subsided. It was done.

Since then, I have purchased my one-way plane ticket to Colombia! I have added more cities and countries to my itinerary, and plan to travel for at least the next six months. I am extremely excited! The future is here, and it looks bright!

Originally published on Restless Reserve.