Choose Wisely

My friend Michael recently wrote about The Family We Choose. This hit extremely close to home for me. A few months ago, I wrote a blog called My 90th Birthday Party. I ended up splitting it into two separate parts, but I never ended up publishing the second part. I figure this would be a good time to share.


You are born with one. In fact, that is typically how family is defined. Those who share blood relations. This is true, but it’s not the end-all definition.

Once you leave your parents’ home, you begin to create your own family. This family can often turn out better than your blood family. You aren’t only family by your blood relations, but you are family based on similarities that you define.

These people share experiences with us that eventually form stories, to be told years from now.

They fill our free time with laughter.

They lend us horrible advice when it matters not, and perfectly honed advice when it matters most.

In a family defined purely by blood relation, you have no choice in the matter. You get what you get.

As adults, we choose who we surround ourselves with. The way those around us act, reflects on you. You may alter this family over time, but the truest members will always be there by your side. Even if they are thousands of miles away.

I have been lucky enough to have chosen a pretty awesome family in my young adult life. These guys will stand up at my wedding and likely carry my casket at my funeral. They are the best of the best, and I know that because I chose them. Are they perfect? Hell no! I don’t ask them to be perfect. In fact, it’s probably more fun this way.

They are the people that bring out the best in me.

They are the people that I confide in.

They are the people who will stand by me no matter what.

They are my family and I chose them.

Choose wisely.