Change Is Easy: Just Quit.

Today wraps up the first week at my new job. My new position is doing technical support at Secure Check Cashing Systems. My wage is less than my previous job and I am working the same number of hours. The main difference is the timing of those hours. Instead of a night shift, I now have a comfortable 9 am-4 pm schedule for most of the week.

For the last few months, stress has been piling up: stress at work, stress at home, and stress in my personal life. As a result; I was struggling to sleep at night. I was like a zombie during the days, feeling as if I were unable to do anything productive. I had to make a change.

My job was draining, taxing all of my senses. I collected data for large financial institutions. My workplace was outfitted with lovely prison windows that barely let any light in. The cubicles had height extensions to encourage us away from interaction with fellow employees.

The work was far from rewarding! Some of my coworkers had worked there for over 3 years. I could not imagine feeling stuck there for that long. As I said before, it was time to make a change!

While volunteering a few weeks ago, a friend mentioned an opening at his workplace. A few days after the interview, I was offered the position. I quickly accepted and put in a two-week notice at my job.

I learned throughout this whole process that stress can only bother me if I let it.

So take responsibility for your feelings.

If you feel stressed; make a change!

If someone wrongs you; don’t take it personally. Realize that it’s just their nature, decide not to be offended by it, and move on.

Quitting my job was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.